A UPSC candidate’s girlfriend helped him so much that the boy cried!

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UPSC Aspirant Love Story: Every year lakhs of people prepare for UPSC Civil Services, one of the most prestigious and tough exams in India. Few people succeed in UPSC exam. Thousands of aspirants spend years preparing and trying their luck hoping to succeed. Those who succeed in UPSC exam not only become an example for other candidates but also live in news or social media world. But the story of a UPSC aspirant has come to light who is in the limelight not because of any success but because of the generosity of his girlfriend.

We are talking about Utkarsh Neil who is preparing for UPSC. Utkarsh is very popular on social media these days. He posted on X that how his girlfriend, who was in a long-distance relationship, found in her purse Rs. Helped him by putting 500 note. More than 20 lakh people have seen his post so far. And more than 21 thousand people have liked it. People never tire of praising his girlfriend.

What is the story?
Utkarsh in his post (@iUtkarshNeil) wrote, “I have been in a long distance relationship for the last 5 years. We met during the early days of UPSC preparation. We both attended coaching together where we both fell in love.
Today she (girlfriend) works in a multi national company and I am currently preparing for UPSC. When I visited him this year, he noticed that I had very little money in my purse, so he kept some money in my purse without telling me.
When she left me at the railway station, I saw my purse and cried.”

He further wrote that in this age of treasure hunting find someone who will help you in this way.

UPSC candidate Utkarsh with this story Rs. A picture of 500 note has also been shared.

People never get tired of praising his girlfriend after this post of Utkarsh. A user wrote, Your girlfriend is a gem. Another user wrote, “God bless everyone with such a GF.”
At the same time, some users also expressed doubt on Utkarsh’s post and wrote, now it’s time you start some work, UPSC is not yours. User asked what is your age?
To that Utkarsh replied that as far as Article 19 (freedom of speech) is concerned, if I continue to do all that, it will suit my health.

Another user wrote that the story is heart touching but disappointing to see you still preparing for UPSC. User advised Start doing what you are good at.


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