An example of dictator Kim Jong Un’s craze, the chair became a big issue at the meeting with Putin


The craziness of North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un was also seen in his meeting with Putin.
Before the meeting, a security guard spent several minutes disinfecting the chair he was sitting on.
A North Korean security officer was seen spraying an unknown substance around a chair.

Moscow. North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un’s many quirks are well-known throughout the world. An example of this was seen recently during a meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin. Before their meeting, North Korean security personnel spent several minutes disinfecting the chair he sat on. According to a report by ‘Reuters’, there was doubt in everyone’s mind about the chair that Kim Jong Un was going to sit on during the summit with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Video footage showed a North Korean security official wearing white gloves cleaning Kim Jong’s black chair and sprinkling an unknown substance around it. North Korean security personnel sprayed and cleaned the seat handles, surrounds, and the area around the chair. Meanwhile, the Kremlin’s bodyguards were looking at North Korea with some surprise. After this, another North Korean guard gave some orders to the guard who was busy disinfecting the chair. It is not clear what kind of order this was.

A special significance of Kim Jong Un’s visit to Russia amid the war in Ukraine, the plot to supply arms to Putin

According to a Russian newspaper Kim’s chair It became the biggest concern for the North Korean side. Apparently more than 100 people involved in Kim’s security were unhappy with the first chair. Then another chair was placed exactly like the one that Russian President Vladimir Putin had been placed in. After this, a North Korean employee wearing white gloves cleaned and disinfected the chair brought for Kim Jong Un without stopping for a few minutes. According to the newspaper, this may not have happened to Kim, but for him it was a matter of life and death. At Wednesday’s summit in Russia’s Far East, Putin and Kim discussed military matters, the war in Ukraine and possible Russian help for North Korea’s satellite program.

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