Anupama: Mother Guru’s memory will come back, she will tell Anuj about her son! Not only Anupama but also fans will be shocked after watching the upcoming promo

Anupama written update in hindi what will happen next in Anupama serial

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New Delhi:

Anupama Written Update in Hindi: Fans eagerly wait for Anupama Serial Update or Anupama Episode Update. At the same time, they are also interested to know what will happen next in Anupama’s latest track these days. But the next episode will be very entertaining. When Guruma remembers Malati Devi and she recognizes Anupama. But viewers will be shocked when they will see Anupama’s husband Anuj Kapadia being called as Guruma Malti Devi’s son.

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In the upcoming episode, you will see that Anupama will show her Ghungharas to Malti Devi, seeing which she will remember the old days and she will be able to recognize Anupama. After this Anupama will show Malti Devi her son’s photo and ask where is he? On this the mother will say that he is my son and cry. On the other hand, Anuj gets shocked at the promo. After watching this promo, many viewers are guessing Anuj that Malti Devi is Anuj’s mother.

Talking about the latest track, Ba Leela has decided to forgive Kavya. While Pakhi is once again trying to mend her married life. Anupama supports her when she is seen trying to bring Romil closer to the family. On the other hand, Anupama is worried about Guruma and is seen trying to find her son with Anuj.

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