Exatlón México All Star Votar 2023

Exatlón México all-star is a famous Mexican sports competition program, which is very popular in Mexico. Currently, Exatlón All-Star is one of the favorite shows of the Mexican public and the show is getting more intense every week.

If you are wondering how to vote in Exatlón México All Star 2023, a reality show on TV Azteca, to save your favorite athlete from the elimination duel, there is one available for you, called TV Azteca Live, There you can vote for them. Voting begins when the maximum authority Antonio Rosic announces it, but regularly it takes place after the Sunday schedule.

The easiest way to vote in the Exatlón México All-Star

  1. First of all download and open the TV Azteca En Vivo app inside your phone.
    TV Azteca En Vivo is also available for (iPhone or iPad).
  2. After TV Azteca En Vivo is open you have to register in the app, you can also login it with Facebook.
  3. After login, select the Exatlón program.
  4. Click on Vote.
  5. Then you can vote.
    On the next screen, you will see the photos and names of the participants of the Exatlón Beaches contest to vote for them.

How many times can you vote in Come to Know Exatlón All-Star?

The app lets you vote once a day. However, it also gives you the option of answering a survey to get additional votes, i.e. being able to vote more than once a day. If you were to vote, which athlete would you like to see receive a medal at Exathlon Mexico?

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