His solution is to ‘copy’ to Instagram and TikTok

Meta continues to search for the ideal way to keep young people on its platforms. TikTok has been an earthquake in the universe of social networks and many young people, and content creators, have moved to this platform.

For this reason, in recent months Meta has been implementing certain features focused on video creation on both Facebook and Instagram. Now, with the new Facebook update focused on improvements in the reels, they intend to attract the attention of both TikTok users and Instagram itself.

90-second videos on Facebook and ‘Grooves’

The new features of Facebook are strictly focused on the creation of videos with the intention that there are more influential users who attract the attention of the audience and get paid for it. Come on, what is already happening with both Instagram and TikTok or the Shorts since YouTube’s policy change.

Thus, the update brings improvements both in the length of the videos and in the most creative part. The first thing is that the reels go from 60 to 90 seconds. This is a change that was implemented some time ago on Instagram, but it is still far from the maximum 10 minutes that TikTok already allows.

Speaking of TikTok, one option that Meta has taken directly from that social network is to give users the opportunity to use templates from a video they just watched to implement it in their own content. That is, in an easy way, if you see a video of another user with a template that you liked, you can easily extract it to make your own video.

It is a faster way to create content, something that is related to the possibility of creating a reel sharing your stories. If you are a Facebook user (although it also appears on other networks or on Google Photos and iCloud Photos), you will know that from time to time photos appear that remind you of your pets, a certain person, or indicate where you were a year ago.

Grooves Facebook

That content appears privately and only you can see the memory, but on Facebook you could share it as a post and, now, you can generate a reel very easily by pressing a button.

Finally, and surely this will be the best new feature of Facebook, there are the ‘Grooves’. It is a function that automatically synchronizes the beats of the music, the rhythm, with the movement of your video. This is something that had to be done manually and will save quite a bit of time if it works right.

As you can see, in the end it is an update with four functions that are linked to the creation of videos, something that Facebook continues to hold on to so as not to lose the bandwagon of short video consumption.

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