How To Make a DIY Mouse Jiggler with Raspberry Pi Pico

If you need your PC – particularly a corporate laptop from your job – to see you as active even when you step away, a mouse jiggler is your best choice. Most company-issued computers either don’t allow you to install software or spy on which apps you are running so using a device that moves the pointer automatically but presents to the OS as a mouse solves the problem. You can head off to Amazon and buy a USB device that costs  anywhere from $7 to $40, or you can make your own diy mouse jiggler using the $4 Raspberry Pi Pico.

In this how to, we will build a diy mouse jiggler using the Raspberry Pi Pico and CircuitPython. Nothing else is required, not even drivers, making this $4 project a great saving of your time and your money. Note that, though we used a Pico, these instructions will work for any RP2040-powered microcontroller that has CircuitPython support (almost all of them). A board like the Adafruit Trinkey QT2040, another RP2040-powered microcontroller which costs $8, would be even better than the Pico because it has a USB Type-A built-in so doesn’t even require a wire to connect to your PC.

Configuring CircuitPython for Mouse Jiggler

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