Kim Jong Un arrived in Russia by train instead of plane for a secret meeting with Putin, know the special features of the train

According to a BBC report, Kim Jong Un’s private train has entered Russia. Kim Jong Un is accompanied by top military commanders. Kim Jong Un’s armored train also has 20 bulletproof vehicles. This makes the train heavier, which also affects its speed. It cannot travel faster than 59 kilometers per hour, which is much slower than any modern train. Km has covered a distance of 1180 km in 20 hours. A journey of 1180 km is completed in 14 hours by a normal train.

Why did Kim come by train instead of plane?
This is the tradition of North Korea. According to South Korean media reports, both Kim Jong-un’s father Kim Jong-un and grandfather Kim-2-sung were afraid of air travel. The reason for this fear was the explosion during the test flight of the jet. After this incident, Kim Il Sung visited the Soviet Union once in 1986. No North Korean leader has traveled abroad by air in the past three decades.

According to South Korean media reports, Kim Jong Un reportedly traveled by plane during his boarding school days in Switzerland. But after assuming power in 2011, he almost stopped flying. The last time in 2018, he went to Singapore by plane to meet the then US President Donald Trump.

What is the specialty of Kim Jong Un’s train?
This train was gifted by Stalin to Kim’s grandfather Kim Il Sung in 1949. This is an inter-connected train with many coaches. The dark green and yellow colored train has a total of 90 coaches. The train has dark black mirrors. The train also has a conference room, where Kim Jong can work. The speed of this train is 59 km per hour. Whenever Kim Jong travels to North Korea or China, his entire team and security accompany him on this train.

A satellite phone is installed for emergencies
Delicious Russian, Chinese, Korean, Japanese and French cuisine can also be prepared in this train. The train also has live dancing and singing for entertainment. It has satellite phone, TV and other facilities that can handle the situation in case of emergency.

America said – will monitor the meeting
Meanwhile, Russian President Vladimir Putin’s office Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov has said that the meeting between Putin and Kim Jong Un will improve relations between the two countries. Whereas, the US Ministry of Defense has said that they will monitor this meeting.

America has a big fear in the matter of weapons
The US State Department said the meeting cannot be ignored. The US fears that a major arms deal between Russia and North Korea could help Russia in its war against Ukraine. America said that we appeal to North Korea not to give any kind of weapons to Russia. Let us tell you that North Korea has millions of artillery shells and rockets.

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