Kim Jong Un’s visit to Russia of particular importance amid Ukraine war, weapon to Putin


South Korea claims – Kim Jong Un entered Russia early Tuesday morning
Vladimir Putin will have another meeting with Kim Jong after 2019
Kim does not travel abroad often, having made only 7 foreign trips in 12 years

Moscow. North Korean leader Kim Jong Un is always in the news about some issue. North Korean leader Kim Jong has reached Russia in his special private train. North Korean state media claim that Kim left Pyongyang for Russia on his private train on Sunday and arrived there on Tuesday. Along with this, the top officials of the arms industry and the army have also arrived in Russia by train. This will be Vladimir Putin’s second summit with Kim Jong after 2019.

Meanwhile, the leader of North Korea Kim Jong Un The US has expressed its objection to the visit of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un to Russia. Japanese media reported on Tuesday that the Kremlin said the president would Vladimir Putin There will be a wide discussion with them weapon A deal should not be agreed to.

Japan’s Kyodo News Agency reported on Tuesday, citing an unnamed Russian official source, that the plane carrying Kim the train Arrived at Khasan Station, the main rail gateway from North Korea to the Russian Far East. A spokesman for South Korea’s defense ministry said it believed Kim had entered Russia early Tuesday morning.

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Meanwhile, Kim does not travel abroad often. He has made only 7 foreign trips. Not only this, he is the ruler who has crossed the inter-Korean border only twice during his 12-year reign. Of his 7 foreign trips, 4 were to China, considered his main political ally.

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said it would be a full visit. There will be talks between the two delegations and after that the leaders will be able to continue it on one issue at a time if needed.

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A Khasan administration official declined to comment on news of Kim’s arrival. U.S. officials had said before the meeting that arms talks between Russia and North Korea were actively progressing, and that Kim and Putin were considering arming Russia for the war in Ukraine.

Russia’s TASS news agency said Putin arrived in Vladivostok on Monday. He is scheduled to participate in the plenary session of the Eastern Economic Forum, which continues till Wednesday. According to Russian news agencies, Peskov said his meeting with Kim would take place after the Eastern Economic Forum and that the leaders had no plans to address any kind of press conference. However, there was no confirmation on the venue of the meeting or whether Kim would attend the economic forum. Pyongyang and Moscow have denied that North Korea will supply weapons to Russia, which has spent a huge stockpile of weapons in the more than 18-month war.

An analyst said the North Korean delegation included prominent party members who oversee the defense industry and military affairs, including Jo Chun Ryong, director of the Munitions Industry Department, suggesting the visit would focus on defense industry cooperation.

Michael Madden, a North Korea leadership expert at the Washington-based Stimson Center, said Jo Chun Ryong’s presence suggests North Korea and Russia will reach some sort of agreement to buy war materials.

Chang Ho-jin, South Korea’s deputy foreign minister and former ambassador to Russia, said it would be in Moscow’s interest to reflect on its international standing after the Ukraine conflict and remember that it helped create the current nuclear non-proliferation regime. He said this military cooperation would be a violation of Security Council resolutions, no matter what it (Russia) does with North Korea.

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