‘Padmavati’ became a little girl, Deepika Padukone also failed in acting, people will start praising after watching the video

The little girl failed even Deepika Padukone with her performance

New Delhi:

Till date you have seen many people recreating dialogues of Bollywood stars on social media, where they are seen speaking dialogues from movies in their own style and trying to imitate Bollywood celebs. But trust me, after watching this girl’s video you will also say that this is the best mimicry ever. Yes, recently a video is trending fast on social media, in which a little girl is seen recreating dialogues from Bollywood hottie Deepika Padukone’s blockbuster film Padmaavat.

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A video of a little girl has been shared on an Instagram page called myrakiaarakhanna. In this video you can see a girl around 8-9 years dressed exactly like Padmavati and she was recreating the dialogue from the movie Padmaavat when she goes to show her face to Khilji. The girl’s expressions and dialogue delivery in this video look exactly like Deepika Padukone. Trust me, even Deepika could not have done this kind of acting at this age.

The video of this girl recreating the dialogues of the movie Padmaavat is trending fast on social media and so far more than 95 thousand people have liked it. Some people are praising this girl’s skills while many are saying that she is even better than Deepika Padukone. Someone said she is a future superstar. Let us tell you that Deepika Padukone, Ranveer Singh and Shahid Kapoor starrer film Padmaavat was released in the year 2018. Released on the big screen amid complete controversy, the film broke all records and proved to be a blockbuster film of that time. Even today the dialogues and songs of this film are very famous.

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