That man was carrying ‘luck’ with him! Fell from a mountain 2000 feet high, defeated death


A miraculous phenomenon has come to light in New Zealand.
A man has survived after falling off a mountain.
A few years ago, two mountain climbers died after falling from this spot.

New Delhi: Miraculous events are in the headlines every day. But when someone’s life is miraculously spared, the incident grabs more headlines. One such incident has come to light from New Zealand. Here a man ‘miraculously’ survives a 600m (about 2,000ft) fall from a mountain. He also sustained minor injuries.

According to the BBC, the incident happened on Saturday at Mount Taranaki on the west coast of New Zealand’s North Island. Police said the climber, whose identity has not been released, survived due to warmer than normal weather. That softened the ice and helped prevent the person from falling. It is said that the distance a man can fall is the distance of some of the tallest buildings in the world and almost twice the height of the Eiffel Tower in Paris.

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Police said the climber was ‘extraordinarily lucky to be alive.’ Police added: ‘These are challenging areas and when things go wrong there are often serious consequences. Climbing Mt Taranaki requires experience, knowledge and properly fitted and appropriate equipment. Without the right knowledge and experience, Saturday’s story could have ended very differently.

According to police, the climber was part of a group climbing Mt Taranaki and fell around noon on Saturday. “Seeing his fellow climber slide down the mountain and disappear from sight, another member of the group came down to try to find him,” police said. A member of Taranaki Alpine Rescue was also in the area at the time and helped find the fallen man.

According to Sky News, the climber was found with minor injuries. Police said, ‘This part of the mountain is particularly dangerous.’ The BBC reported that Mount Taranaki is known as one of New Zealand’s deadliest mountains. A few years ago, two climbers fell to their deaths at the same spot where this man fell.

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