There will be a new twist in Anupama, the truth of Malti Devi’s son will be known, after watching the new promo, fans will say – Is this Anuj…

Anupama 16th September Episode In Hindi What will happen today in Anupama?

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  • Anupama will take a new turn today
  • In the upcoming episode of Anupama, the secret of Guruma’s son will be revealed.
  • Anupama serial update of 16th September

New Delhi:

Anupama 16th September Episode in Hindi: TV serial Anupama topped the TRP list this week thanks to its latest track. Due to this, the makers are also leaving no stone unturned to make the serial interesting. Meanwhile, in the new promo, Guruma is going to reveal the truth about Malti Devi’s son, which fans will say that Anuj is Guruma’s son as Anupama is seen shocked in the promo. #MaAn’s excitement level is going to rise with this promo.

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Actually Anupama goes to Malti Devi’s house in the promo of the next episode of Anupama serial. where he receives his things from a servant. Anupama finds the birth certificate of Malti Devi’s son and wonders who her son is. But then Anupama comes across some shocking documents and gets shocked. On the other hand, Babuji finds Baa unconscious in the kitchen, leaving the entire Shah family in shock.

Talking about the latest track, there was a lot of commotion in the Shah and Kapadia family after the disappearance of Pakhi. But finally the shift returned home. But Guruma Malti Devi was also seen entering with him, in which she is seen talking about her memory loss. However, whether this is a trick of Guruma or not will be known in the next episode. But the 16th September episode of Serial Anupama is going to be a blast.

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