This actress was severely criticized after getting caught in a love letter, turned down an offer of 2 crores and became an example of simplicity, became an acting superstar after her doctorate.

This beautiful girl seen in her mother’s lap is a household name in South Indian cinema today. This actress with simplicity and dark face has become an example. For those girls who mind their color. This high-spirited beauty is number one in acting and dancing. Not only this, she has also excelled in studies. First she became a doctor and then started acting. It is different that after falling in love in childhood, he wrote a love letter and when the secret was revealed, he too was washed away. Do you recognize who this actress is?

Wash after first love

This actress is Sai Pallavi, a powerful actress of South Indian cinema. Who has created a special identity from his serious acting to comic characters. Sai Pallavi is winning the hearts of fans with her simplicity and acting skills. Whether or not she has a boyfriend in real life has never been revealed. But in childhood she is definitely taking a beating in studying for love. However, this incident is very young, which was mentioned by Sai Pallavi himself in an interview. According to which he once wrote a love letter to his classmate. That love letter accidentally fell into the hands of her parents and Sai Pallavi was severely beaten. He never did anything like that again after that.

2 crore rejected.

Sai Pallavi has completed MBBS. She could have become a doctor by profession but chose acting as her career. But even here he did not abandon his simplicity. She wears minimal make-up in films and is seen without make-up in normal life. Not only this, she was also offered an advertisement for a whitening cream. But Sai Pallavi rejected that offer of 2 crore rupees. Sai Pallavi says she wants to convey a message to girls that color and looks never make them weak.

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