Three functions and a redesign to renew the most used music streaming service

Spotify is the most used music streaming platform in the world. It recently reached an all-time subscriber milestone, though it was still posting financial losses. All these users will appreciate the new features that the company has announced at the ‘Stream On 2023’ event, an annual gala that took place in Los Angeles.

From there, Spotify has revealed to the world the redesign of the service, as well as three new features that will boost content creators such as ‘podcasters’ or artists. The ‘new Spotify’, or so they call it, is here to stay. Let’s see what changes are coming in the music streaming giant.

A new interface to reimagine Spotify, and three features to empower content creators

To begin with, one of the main focuses has been the redesign of the app, which will now look more modern with “visual elements and an interactive design.” The philosophy behind this update is to further unite listeners and content creators.

These interface changes are accompanied by three new features called ‘Smart Shuffle’, ‘Previews’ and ‘Autoplay’. With these names in perfect English, three features are born that will change how we use the service.

Preview On Home Spotify

The first will complement our playlists with new music. Intelligently, Spotify will know what music fits with our playlists, adding new songs and artists to the existing ones.

On the other hand, the ‘Previews’ of playlists, albums and podcasts will serve to anticipate the content we are looking for. There will be both visual and sound previews of these three elements to know in advance what we are going to hear.

The last function, ‘Autoplay’ of podcasts, as its own name suggests, will automatically play another podcast when we have finished listening to an episode. This will prevent the user from having to search and choose another, without interruption.

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Some recommendations that influence what users listen to

Preview On Home Music

These features are supported by the Spotify algorithm and its recommendations. These seem to work quite well, or so confirmed by Gustav Söderström, Spotify’s product manager, who comments “Spotify recommendations drive almost half of all users’ streams.”

To all these novelties are added new tools for content creators that will be found in the ‘Campaigns’ section of ‘Spotify for Artists’. One of these is ‘Marquee’ which displays a full screen sponsored recommendation.

Spotify Clips Countdown

In addition, users will now be able to discover upcoming events and concerts by their favorite artists. If we are going to attend one of these concerts, we can save a reminder with the date on the calendar.

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Finally, artists will be able to use two functions called ‘Spotify Clips’ and ‘Countown Pages’, the first is used to add 30-second videos that promote the content. The second is a space within an artist’s profile for listeners to save albums in advance and watch exclusive videos. Living up to her name, we will see a countdown until the next release of the artist in question.

Spotify continues to refine the formula that has brought it to the top, without forgetting other previously announced features that are available in some territories such as DJ mode, ‘Feeds’ or ‘Showcase’.


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