US calls G20 summit a success, says New Delhi declaration on Ukraine war

Washington. The G20 Leaders’ Summit, chaired by India, concluded with much fanfare in Delhi on Sunday. India and PM Narendra Modi are being praised worldwide for successfully organizing this grand mega event. Now America (US) has also called it a ‘completely successful’ event. At a regular press conference on Monday, US State Department spokesman Matthew Miller told the media that ‘We absolutely believe this was a success. G-20 is a big organization. Russia is a member of the G-20. China is a member of G20. The US spokesperson was asked by the media whether the G-20 summit was a success. In response, Miller called the G-20 summit a complete success.

When asked about Russia’s absence from the New Delhi leaders’ announcement, US State Department spokesman Matthew Miller said: ‘There are members who have different views. We believe the fact that the organization has released a statement. which calls for respecting territorial integrity and sovereignty. To say that those principles should not be violated. A very important matter because this is at the root of Russia’s attack on Ukraine. “These are similar questions, so we thought that was an incredibly important statement for him to make,” Miller said.

The thing to note is that G20 “The use or threat of nuclear weapons is unacceptable,” the countries said in a declaration by leaders in New Delhi on Saturday, referring to the war in Ukraine. Without mentioning Russia, the G-20 member states recalled the Bali Declaration and underlined that all states must act in accordance with the purposes and principles of the UN Charter. It also called for a ‘comprehensive, just and durable peace in Ukraine’ and reminded member states to ‘refrain from the threat of the occupation of territories or the use of force’.

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The New Delhi Declaration confirms that the G-20 is a key forum for international economic cooperation. Member States acknowledged that the G-20 is not a forum for geopolitical and security issues. However, these issues can affect the global economy. This was the first time that the G20 summit was hosted by India. A lot of preparation was done to represent the traditions and strengths of India. During its G-20 presidency, India has focused on various issues such as inclusive growth, digital innovation, climate resilience and equitable global health access. Last year, when Indonesia took over the presidency of the G-20, India will be followed by Brazil.

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