VIDEO: Dictator Kim Jong-un arrives to meet Putin, officials begin scanning chair

Kim Jong-Vladimir Putin Meet 2023: North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un is very vigilant about his own security despite his friendship with Russian President Vladimir Putin. He took great care when traveling to Russian soil for talks with Putin. Before the talks between the two leaders, Kim’s officials conducted a thorough inspection of his chair. Reportedly, he was also seen scanning it to make sure there was no radiation or any kind of danger.

The video is going viral
A video before the meeting between the two leaders has surfaced on social media. It shows a Korean official cleaning Kim’s chair as per protocol designed to protect the ‘supreme’ leader. Other officers appear around the person so they can help if needed. In the video, a man can be seen scanning the chair with a metal detector.

Kim’s chair was carefully examined
According to media reports, the chair was also tested to see if it could support Kim’s weight. Because it is believed that the weight of the leader is more than 140 kg. Soon after the investigation was completed, Putin and Kim sat down together to present a strong face to the West and show support for Russia’s ‘holy war’ against Ukraine.

Kim had ‘refused’ to travel by plane
North Korea’s dictatorial leader is believed to have refused to board a plane to visit Russia’s Far East region. He chose a luxurious train to go on his first foreign trip after 2019. British media claimed, ‘Kim Jong was afraid of traveling in the skies of Russia because a tourist plane crashed in the same area a few days ago.’

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Putin showed Kim his personal car
Ahead of their summit on Wednesday (Sept 13), Putin and Kim inspected space launch facilities at the modern Vostochny Cosmodrome in Russia’s Far East, Reuters reported on Thursday. After which the two leaders went to Putin’s limousine parked in the parking lot. At the same time, North Korea’s KCNA news agency said Thursday, “Putin gave Kim Jong a very warm welcome and even showed his car.”

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