When Salman Khan became the brother-in-law of his real brother on screen, Nana Bhai made the film, the film proved to be a superhit at the box office.

New Delhi- Salman Khan and Kajol’s film ‘Pyaar Kiya To Darna Kya’ was released on 27 March 1998. Kajol and Salman Khan were seen together as lead actors for the first time in this film. Before this, Salman Khan gave a guest appearance in the film ‘Kuch Kuch Hota Hai’ released this year. The film was loved by the audience and Pyaar Kiya To Dharna Kya became the fourth highest grossing film of 1998. Kajol and Salman Khan’s pairing was very special in this film.

If you have seen this film, you may remember that Salman Khan’s younger brother Arbaaz Khan is playing the role of Kajol’s elder brother in this film. Apart from being Kajol’s elder brother, he plays Salman Khan’s brother-in-law on screen, which makes Salman look very scared in the film.

Arbaaz was not the first choice
Arbaaz Khan played a supporting role in the film, but he impressed everyone with his performance. But Arbaaz Khan was not the first choice for this role. The role was first offered to Sanjay Dutt, when the actor flatly refused, the producers approached Ajay Devgan and then Armaan Kohli. When talking to no one worked, the character eventually landed in Arbaaz Khan’s lap.

It was special for Sohail too
We have talked about Salman Khan and Arbaaz, now let’s talk about the youngest brother of this pair of Khan brothers i.e. Sohail Khan. You might not know that this movie was produced by Sohail Khan. Actor Jackie Bhagnani’s father Vasu Bhagnani and Bunty Walia produced the film along with Sohail.

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