When to format PC and notebook?

Know some signs that it is time to format your computer and notebook

After some time of use, a process indicated to optimize the performance of the PC is to format the computer. In general, formatting the PC is a way to completely refresh the operating system, and therefore the procedure is indicated as a solution to various problems on desktop and laptop computers. However, a possible question in the minds of users is: When to format the computer?

Answering this question will require an analysis of the current situation of the machine, to understand if it is now the ideal time to format the Windows PC. Because it is a process that requires time to execute it and also knowledge to carry it out, in addition to the need to make a backup, formatting is one of the last recommended resources for cleaning the system.

¿Cuándo formatear la PC?

What is formatting a PC? Is formatting the same as restoring?

Formatting the PC is to erase all the data and information on the computer, including the operating system, and install it again. To carry out this process it is necessary to use a flash drive with at least 8 GB of available memory, which will be one of those responsible for deleting files and installing Windows.

Restoring is not synonymous with formatting

Important: it is also possible to restore the computer, which is not synonymous with formatting. The restoration process also promotes system cleaning, but through Windows itself, being a less complete and invasive action. This movement does not need anything extra, such as a flash drive, since it simply consists of putting the operating system in the factory settings.

como resetear pc

When to format the PC?

Although each case is specific, it is possible to have clues as to when is the ideal time to format the computer. If any of the items listed below happen to your machine, consider reformatting your PC:

  • System extremely slow;
  • Restoring Windows was not enough to optimize the performance of the computer;
  • virus infestation in the system;
  • hijacking of PC data and information;
  • hardware swapping like HD and SSD for example;
  • blue screen issues;
  • Sale or donation of computers;
  • Computer does not boot correctly;
  • Change the version of Windows.

How to format the PC?

Formatting PC is a simple process, but that requires some attention from the user, especially those who are inexperienced. In general, the procedure is to create a bootable flash drive which will promote the complete cleaning of system files and, subsequently, the installation of Windows on the machine.

The Adrenaline team has already made a detailed step by step on how to format the computer and you can see it in the content below.

But before you think about formatting, remember: backup all your files! This is necessary because the system will be completely wiped and it will not be possible to recover any data from the operating system later. So save everything you want to keep before reformatting your PC!

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