With a budget of 10 crores, Dhoom is stepping into South horror

Mumbai. One of the characteristics of South films is that they work on some new subject every time. Whether a film is small budget or big budget, it becomes a special place among the audience because of its story line. Lately, there has been a lot of work on the horror genre in South cinema. Another South horror film in this series is going to release in September. The trailer of the film was recently released and it is making a lot of headlines on the internet. After Rajinikanth’s ‘Jailor’, discussions about this film have started.

The trailer of the mystery thriller film ‘Tantiram Chapter 1: Tales of Sivakasi’ has been released recently. This Telugu film is based on a husband and wife and the events that happen in their lives. In the film, a couple’s life is in turmoil when a spirit enters their lives. The trailer has a lot of mystery and thrills and is being shared rapidly on social platforms.

Expectations are being kept from a small budget film
Many small budget films from South have also left their mark based on story. ‘Tantiram Chapter 1: Tales of Sivakashi’ is directed by Muthalaya Mehr Deepak. Released on 22nd September, the film stars Srikanth Gurram, Priyanka Sharma, Sukanya Gadavir, Yelandur and Steffi Lewis in pivotal roles. The budget of the film is only 10 crore rupees, but after watching its trailer, there is hope that the content of the film will be good.

When the Bollywood-South clash over Hindi, ‘Singham’ gave Kiccha Sudeep a lesson in the national language, there was much talk.

Let us tell you that the recent Malayalam film ‘2018’ on Kerala floods was also made on a low budget, but the story and thrill of the film was so good that it surpassed all others in earnings.

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